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Startingfee :

- 14 år Ind 250 Skr/ Class
+ 14 år Ind 300 Skr/ Class
- 14 år Team 500 Skr/ Team
+ 14 år Team 600 Skr/ Team


Classes from 7 - 20 years old Kata & Kumite.

7-13 år            

P7 P8 P9
P10 K Shorter than142 cm
P10 L Longer than141 cm
P11 K Shorter than 151 cm
P11 L Longer than 150 cm
P12 K Shorter than 155 cm
P12 L Longer than 154 cm
P13 K Shorter than 164 cm
P13 L Longer than 163 cm

F7 F8 F9 
F10 K Shorter than 141 cm
F10 L Longer than 140 cm
F11 K Shorter than 151 cm
F 11 L Longer than 150 cm
F12 K Shorter than 156 cm
F 12 L Longer than 155 cm
F13 K Shorter than 163 cm
F 13 L Longer than 162 cm


7-13 år              
Kata          Boys P7   P8  P9  P10  P11  P12  P13 
                  Girls F7   F8  F9  F10  F11  F12  F13 



18-20 Years Old                         
Kata Female,     Kumite Female -50kg,-55kg, -61kg,-68kg, +68kg
Kata Male,     Kumite Male -60kg,-67kg, -75kg,-84kg, +84kg

16-17 Years Old Jr     
Kata Female,    Kumite Female -48kg, -53kg, -59kg, +59kg
Kata Male,    Kumite Male -55kg, -61kg, -68kg, -76kg, +76kg

14-15 Years Old     Cadett (YJr)  
Kata Female,     Kumite Female –47kg, -54kg, +54kg
Kata Male,     Kumite Male -52kg, -57kg, -63kg, -70kg, +70kg


7-13 Years Old            
Kumite      Boys P7,8,9,10,  11,12  ,13   Please specify the lenght
                 Girls F7,8,9,10  ,11  ,12  ,13   Please specify the lenght


7-13 Years Old               
Kata           Boys P7  ,8 ,9  ,10  ,11  ,12  ,13 
                   Girls F7  ,8 ,9  ,10  ,11  ,12  ,13 



Kata Team(Lag) (P) Boys 7-9 years .
Kata Team(Lag) (F)  Girls 7-9 years
Kata Team(Lag)   mix 7-9 years
Kata Team(Lag) (P)  Boys 10-11 years
Kata Team Girls 10-11 years
Kata Team(Lag) (P) Boys 12-13 years
Kata Team Girls 12-13 years
Kata Team Mix 10-13 years

Kumite Team P10 (Boys)
Kumite Team P11 (Boys)
Kumite Team P12 (Boys)
Kumite Team P13 (Boys)

Kumite Team F10 (Girls)
Kumite Team F11 (Girls)
Kumite Team F12 (Girls)
Kumite Team F13 (Girls)

All Kata teams must contain 3 participants

All Kumite teams must contain at least (2 for male),(2 for female) participants



Kata Team Junior Male
Kata Team Junior Female

Kumite Team cadet(YJr) Male
Kumite Team cadet(YJr) Female
Kumite Team junior Male (H)
kumite Team junior Female (D)
Kumite Team junior mix ( 2 Female 3 Male)

All Kata teams must contain 3 participants

All Kumite teams must contain at least (2 for male),(2 for female) participants
No teams in U 21 (according to the rulebook)



Kumite – Juniors and cadets WKF and for children 7-13 years old, Swedish karatefederations rules for children
IMPORTANT : Facesmask is no longer allowed in Swedish competitions
Kata – Cadets and Juniors Has to do different katas every round..
Children 7-13 years old can do the same kata in every round an will perform their kata both at the same time.


 More information about the rules (in swedish) >>>


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