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Invitation to Heian Cup

No outsideshoes are allowed inside the sportsarena.  

Welcome to Heian Cup, a competition for the ages 7-20.

SITE: Fröding Arena Posthornsgatan 6B 656 32 Karlstad.

Map to sportsauditorium >>>>>>>>

Start: Saturday 5 of October 09.30

Weigh in : Saturday in the sportsauditorium from 10.00

Registration: Sportdata on Direct Link to Sportdata >>>>>>>>>>>

Entry fee : 7-13 years old 250 Skr/class, 14-20 years old 300 Skr/class , Team under 14 y old 500 Skr, Team over 13 Y old 600 Skr.

Payment: Pg 73 35 92-0  Karlstad Karate Förening.

Payment information, foreign guests:

IBAN: SE83 3000 0000 0302 5171 0459


Bank: Nordea  Box 1008  SE-65115  Karlstad.

Classes with 3-4 participants is performed by Round Robin.
Classes with 5 ore more participants is performed by Brasilian elimination with repechage.
All Teamclasses is performed by Brasilian elimination without repechage.
The classes 7-12 Y old will perform the kata both participants at the same time.
13 Y old do there Kata single.



U21, Juniors and cadetts WKF.
The category of 7-13 yers old follows the children rules by Swedish karatefederation. In kumite the category 7-13 y old uses the red and blue hand protection and if they use footprotection they must be the same color as the handprotectors.


Cadets and Juniors and U21 has to do different katas in every round.
The category 7-13 y old can use the same kata in every round.

Check out www.swekarate.se.


Organizers: Karlstad Karate Förening, Kils KF och Sunne KF.


Lennart Larsson, Karlstad Karate Förening.


Inoue-Ha Shito-Ryu Keishin-Kai • Box 2143 • 650 02 KARLSTAD • Tel. 054-56 45 90 • E-mail. kansli@karlstad-karate.nu